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May 03

do you like your tummy?

If you haven’t heard already, baby Wyatt was born on May 1st! Fun baby pics to come soon, but I wanted to share this little moment. I really tried to get this post up the other day (before Wyatt was born) but one thing led to another and it didn’t happen. Eli had this conversation [...]

Apr 27

best buds

Eli: “Aves, do you like pretzels?” Averey: “Yeah.” Eli: “Aves, do you like fruit snacks?” Averey: “No silly, I like pretzels!”

Apr 26

eli’s first joke

Eli: “Knock, knock.” Me: “Who’s there?” Eli: “A joke.”

Apr 24

eli and his big boy bed

A couple weeks ago mister man moved to his “big boy bed”. The transition went amazingly well. We talked it up for a week or so, telling him about all of his friends that are in twin size beds now, so he was prepped. Then one afternoon we all went to the mattress store and [...]

Feb 23


A few months ago Eli said his first word, which was “hot”. His first word was “hot” because he would always crawl towards the oven and try to clamber up inside it, and we would say “No Eli, that’s hot”. Then we’d scoot him back, and he’d cry. The same thing would happen with the [...]

Feb 04

eli says buh-bye

Eli has learned how to say goodbye. It’s a little hit and miss on the timing, but when he gets it right it’s super cute. If you can’t see the video, click here to watch.