Feb 23


Posted by matt on Feb 23 2012 at 08:46 pm

A few months ago Eli said his first word, which was “hot”. His first word was “hot” because he would always crawl towards the oven and try to clamber up inside it, and we would say “No Eli, that’s hot”. Then we’d scoot him back, and he’d cry. The same thing would happen with the firstplace. He would try to get inside the fireplace and we would say, “Please don’t do that Eli. That’s hot”. Then we’d scoot him back. Then he’d cry.

Not all of Eli’s adventures end in crying. I promise.

Anyways, it got to the point that anything we would tell him “no” about he would associate with being hot. So now he believes he’s not supposed to climb the stairs alone because it’s hot. He’s not supposed to throw his peas onto the floor because it’s hot. Today he was banging both hands, covered in spaghetti sauce, on the dining room table and I said, “Eli, no”. And he looked at me with wide eyes, and shook his head up and down, and emphatically said, “HOT!”

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  1. Tanya Bogart says:

    Awesome!! I so love reading Eli stories!! They make me smile!!! Love you guys! ~The Bogarts

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