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Apr 24

eli and his big boy bed

A couple weeks ago mister man moved to his “big boy bed”. The transition went amazingly well. We talked it up for a week or so, telling him about all of his friends that are in twin size beds now, so he was prepped. Then one afternoon we all went to the mattress store and [...]

Mar 04

eli’s new car seat

Once Eli turned a year old he was cleared by the doc to graduate to a forward facing car seat. It’s been wonderful, for him and for us. Now we don’t have to perform a contortionist event to feed him Cheerios while driving down the interstate at 70 miles per hour. Eli likes looking forward [...]

Feb 04

eli says buh-bye

Eli has learned how to say goodbye. It’s a little hit and miss on the timing, but when he gets it right it’s super cute. If you can’t see the video, click here to watch.

Feb 03

eli’s birthday bash

We had a fun weekend celebrating Eli’s birthday with family and friends. Thanks to everyone who helped us remember Eli’s first year and for all the love and support you’ve shared with us over the last 12 months. One of Eli’s favorite books that he has loved since he was just a little guy is [...]

Jan 25

christmas catch-up

We had a fun time visiting family and friends over Christmas this year, and I think we saw pretty much everyone we could have possibly seen. Eli enjoyed his first Christmas and all that goes with is – tearing open presents, eating tissue paper, enjoying bows and ribbons over the toys he received – you [...]

Nov 17

mister crawling man

It took a wee longer than we anticipated it taking, but Eli is now a crawling man! And he’s moving everywhere now. It started over a week ago last Friday – he kind of experimented with the idea of moving on his knees on Friday and Saturday, and by Sunday he had perfected it to [...]

Nov 10

eli’s first halloween

I know, Halloween was over a week ago… I’m catching up here. Something we learned this year: Halloween when you have an infant is basically a holiday where you go around asking strangers for candy in return for showing off your cute kid. I’m not complaining. We paired up with some friends of ours and [...]

Aug 28

shopping with mom

Eli is now able to sit up well enough on his own that he has graduated to riding in the child’s seat of shopping carts at stores (or “buggy”, as the Southerners say). Here he is on a little jaunt to Target this week.

Aug 04

sitting up

So this little man is sitting up now, all on his own. Well, mostly on his own. He gets a little topsy after he’s been sitting for a while and forgets he doesn’t have anything holding him up. We’ve learned to pile giant stuffed animals directly behind him in the event he gets a little out of control.

Jul 20

eli’s first swimming experience

We took our first plunge today into the pool with Eli! He has loved bathtime for months, so we figured hitting up the swimming pool wouldn’t be a huge transition. We thought he would take right to kicking and laughing (like he does in the tub), and that he would be a little Michael Phelps [...]

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