Feb 03

eli’s birthday bash

Posted by matt on Feb 03 2012 at 09:20 pm

We had a fun weekend celebrating Eli’s birthday with family and friends. Thanks to everyone who helped us remember Eli’s first year and for all the love and support you’ve shared with us over the last 12 months.

One of Eli’s favorite books that he has loved since he was just a little guy is a counting book called “Fish Eyes”. Like most kids books it features ten pages with an incrementally increasing number of animals on each page so you can learn how to count to 10. In this case, fish is the animal of choice… you probably already got there though. So we decided to throw Eli a fish themed party, complete with cut out paper fishes and a swimming take-home party favor for every guest… that is, a goldfish. Here are some decoration and party pics from the day – many special thanks to our unofficial, yet somewhat official, family photographer Meg for pictures.

Eli's Birthday Party Eli's Birthday Party Eli's Birthday Party

Eli's Birthday Party Eli's Birthday Party Eli's Birthday Party

In keeping with the theme of the party, our birthday present to Eli was a new goldfish! We took suggestions from party-goers to find a name for our new family fish, and the winning entry was: Ned! Whenever we say to Eli, “Where’s your fishy?” he looks at Ned’s bowl and says, “Blub blub blub”. Here he is…

Eli's Goldfish Ned

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