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Apr 26

eli’s first joke

Eli: “Knock, knock.” Me: “Who’s there?” Eli: “A joke.”

Feb 05

what did God say to Noah?

Um. Ooops. It’s been almost a year since I updated the blog. Oh well…. Maybe this will make up for it: Watch the video here. Matt: What did God say to Noah? Eli: Build an ark! Matt: Why? Eli: There’s a storm comin’! There’s a storm comin’! Matt: Who lived on the ark? Eli: Animals. [...]

Mar 10

eli learns how to fly his airplane

One of my greatest fatherly accomplishments of the last couple weeks was teaching Eli the difference between trucks and airplanes, and the fact that even though airplanes have wheels, they don’t actually drive on the ground like trucks do. Here he is showing how he flies his red airplane. The sounds he makes are either [...]

Mar 03

let me show you my shocked face

Remember that E*Trade commercial where the guy’s playing the lottery and loses? The baby turns and says, “I wanna show you something. It’s my shocked face”. This is Eli’s version: Not sure what he’s shocked about.

Feb 23


A few months ago Eli said his first word, which was “hot”. His first word was “hot” because he would always crawl towards the oven and try to clamber up inside it, and we would say “No Eli, that’s hot”. Then we’d scoot him back, and he’d cry. The same thing would happen with the [...]

Dec 10

christmas tree face

Last weekend we put up our Christmas tree, which was good fun for everyone, including the cat who insists on eating pine needles. Those can’t go down easy… I don’t understand it. Eli loves the Christmas tree as well and “helped” put on an ornament or two. Here it is: Now, we have a nice [...]

Aug 03


I’m no psychiatrist, but does this qualify as bipolar?

Aug 02

financial y2k

Well, it would seem that the fear of a financial meltdown in Washington D.C. has come and gone. But just in case things took a turn for the worse this morning, we were ready.

Jun 28

five months old

Eli celebrated his five month birthday on Sunday. A couple months ago we got him a little bouncy play seat, but at the time he couldn’t touch the floor when he sat in it so it really frustrated him. But he’s lengthened out over the last few weeks, and he’s also grabbing things with his [...]

Mar 19

the child, and the method by which he sleeps

First of all, the obligatory “sorry we haven’t posted in like a month” statement. As it turns out this parenting thing keeps us busy from time to time. So, um, sorry. So we’re rounding the corner on month two for Eli now, and his sleeping patterns have developed. Developed into wildly unpredictable. I figured you’d [...]

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