Apr 24

eli and his big boy bed

Posted by matt on Apr 24 2013 at 08:26 pm

A couple weeks ago mister man moved to his “big boy bed”. The transition went amazingly well. We talked it up for a week or so, telling him about all of his friends that are in twin size beds now, so he was prepped. Then one afternoon we all went to the mattress store and found his new bed. I tried to get him to lay down and try it out in the store, but he was more interested in jumping off the king size Tempurpedic on the other size of the room.

Here he is, waking up from his last nap in his crib.

Eli in the crib

When we told him he’d be moving to his big boy bed that night, he did about the cutest thing he’s ever done. He personally chose each of the stuffed animals he wanted to bring to his new bed, carrying each one over from his crib and telling them that they would be in his new bed with him.

Here he is in the bed.

Eli's New Bed Eli's New Bed Eli's New Bed

He was extremely particular about his construction truck sheets for the first several days. Wouldn’t let me even get close to touching them. Quite protective.

He’s been in the new bed a couple weeks now. He’s really good about staying in it in the morning until we come get him – not sure what convinced him to stay in there, but it sunk in. He’s fallen out a couple times. The first time Steph went in there and he was sitting on the floor at the end of the bed. He said, “Momma? Momma? I fell out of the sky!”

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  1. Karen says:

    Oh how sweet! So big!! Makes me cry :) But in a good way :)

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