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May 06

the smallest chef

Eli enjoys to do a little cooking now and then. His style definitely draws from a strong French bistro foundation, though he brings the energy and spice commonly found in Southeast Asian cuisines. Basically, that boils down to the fact that this bowl is filled with flour, sugar, and black pepper.

Apr 30

good habits

Lots of posts recently. Aren’t you impressed? Trying to get some worthwhile content out before the baby comes, at which point it will be two years before you see anything else on here… if history is any indication. Eli loves brushing his teeth lately. Sprawled out on the sink, brushing away.

Apr 27

best buds

Eli: “Aves, do you like pretzels?” Averey: “Yeah.” Eli: “Aves, do you like fruit snacks?” Averey: “No silly, I like pretzels!”